The Questions That Drive My Interest in Media

Primarily, the most intriguing question in media is how and why it dominates the narrative of many countries and the world.   Outside of an educational setting or scholarly conversation it seems taboo to acknowledge the hold that the media has on most people. From cable television, Instagram to radio there is a constant output contributing to the way society thinks. Secondly, where do I fit in this broad 🌎  of media and how would I like show up? It’s common for people to seek refuge behind a screen. Many use Facebook as therapy, a way to express themselves but what about creating change through social media? The students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas Highschool answered this question after their school fell victim to a mass shooting. They organized and admittedly advocated for stricter gun control laws, but where does conscious social media interaction start in every day life; without tragedy? Lastly, when doing absolutely anything we may as well be outstanding at it! What are the tools needed to excel in media? How is high engagement garnered while keeping high moral? 

Artra Nelson

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