Golden Goddess Getaways

Costa Rica

Golden Goddess Getaways are the reset every woman craves. Created by expert travelers Shonna & Milan there is no detail left unattended. The getaway combines healing, yoga, dance, and meditation perfectly. To hear the two owners discuss how they worked together to create the GGG experience invokes inspiration for those around them to harvest the same inner magic ✨. The excursion begins with trips to local farmers’ markets and beaches. Those trips are often spontaneously accompanied by scenic walks around the nearest neighborhood. Moments spent at the resort are where real enjoyment takes place. With beautiful wooden bamboo floors to hold the heels adorned, sensual dancing takes place. The same floor serves as a meeting place for profound stretching to release & restore portions of the body & soul that were in great need. On the last night of the getaway, Shonna & Milan has everyone meet at a campfire to release anything into the fire that no longer serves them through their journey. The two powerhouse travelers have mentioned that they may be dropping new dates soon for the next Golden Goddess Getaway. Golden Goddess Getaways provide the tranquility your soul longs for.

Artra Nelson

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