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The blogging has been a little confusing for me. I understand it is supposed to be about media, but I find it challenging to find media pieces to write about. I also have a difficult time defining media. The media seems broader than I initially thought. When I think about what media is and how to combine it with my interest, I feel like the two don’t marry as they should. Currently, I’m obsessed with art. Actually, I’ve been obsessed with it since I saw Kehinde Wiley’s collection of work in the Oklahoma City Art Museum. I’ve been asking myself how does black art shows up in media and how can discuss this on the blog. I know of a few documentaries I can cover, and I will. I’ve been wondering how black artists show up for themselves via mainstream media and the impact it has had on their careers. This is something I’ll be talking about on my blog. I also posted my response to the Distortion of Sound film. I thought that was so intriguing because I never knew I was consuming a lower quality of music. I’ve always preferred live music, but I never understood why. Distortion of Sound explained the why.
Every writing assignment in college has strict guidelines but not this blog. The freedom the blog offers is a breath of fresh air. It shows creativity and a space to express personal interest. I am almost positive that’s why I fell in love with journalism. In journalism, one can be objective or write about rumors. The field of writing depends on what the person wants to pursue. This blog follows in those footsteps. The rules are to cover a piece of media and no plagiarism. Simple.
The most exciting or fun part of the blog is the aesthetic. I highly enjoy changing the themes. The blog offers the chance to independently learn about a piece of media and expound upon it. I always enjoy the process of learning something new.

Artra Nelson


  1. The exploration of how black artists manifest in mainstream media and the impact on their careers is a fascinating angle. Your commitment to covering documentaries and delving into this topic reflects a genuine and insightful approach to media analysis.

  2. Your blog journey sounds like a refreshing exploration of creativity and personal interests. I love how you’re delving into the world of black art in mainstream media – a topic that deserves attention. The freedom and simplicity you find in blogging are indeed its charms. Keep enjoying the process and sharing your unique insights!

  3. Your acknowledgment of the freedom in blogging, especially in contrast to more structured college assignments, resonates with many. The way you link this freedom to your love for journalism and its diverse possibilities reinforces the idea that your blog is a space for creative expression and exploration.

  4. Artra Nelson’s blog reflection provides a candid and thoughtful insight into her journey with blogging. The challenges she faces in defining and incorporating media into her writing are relatable, showcasing the broader and sometimes perplexing nature of the term. Her shift towards discussing black art and its representation in mainstream media demonstrates a compelling intersection of personal interest and media exploration. The freedom and creativity allowed in blogging resonate as a breath of fresh air, highlighting the versatility of the platform. Nelson’s enthusiasm for learning and the aesthetically pleasing aspect of blog customization adds an engaging dimension to her writing experience. This reflection captures the essence of the blog as a space for both exploration and personal expression.

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