Be Thankful For What You’ve Got by Lucky Daye, Big Freedia, BJRNCK

I chose this song because, in Big Freedia’s words, “It’s a feel-good song, y’all” I am almost positive the secret to a fulfilled life is gratitude. Exercising gratitude can lead to what I feel everyone longs after. The instrumental in the song is pretty upbeat. There are very few lyrics. Big Freedia continuously says in the background, “Be thankful” This type of music is called Bounce Music. It’s native to Louisiana. Lucky Daye is a new R&B artist. Big Freedia is a long-time and trendy southern artist. BJRNCK is an up-and-coming R&B artist. Every day I start with a playlist called The Wake-Up. I made it myself on Apple Music. The goal of the playlist is to produce a happy vibe or good energy. The playlist is characterized by a fast tempo song that makes you wanna dance. Music narrates life, and anyone who believes differently hasn’t lived long enough.

Artra Nelson

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