The Center for Outdoor Therapy and Education (COTE) at the University of Oklahoma exists to join faculty and students together to conduct research and provide service in the area of Outdoor Education and Adventure Therapy. Adventure therapy is a term used to describe the facilitation of client’s social, emotional, mental, and behavioral health outcomes to promote positive wellbeing through fostering and promoting client and group strengths in a natural environment setting using kinesthetic activities and EcoWellness. Therefore, we use the term adventure therapy to be inclusive of other similar forms of therapy (i.e. wilderness, eco-, outdoor behavioral, nature-based, sport specific). 


Cian L. Brown, Ph.D., LPC-S, NCC, BCN-Associate Fellow, is an assistant professor of clinical professional counseling
Kelly Feille, Ph.D., is an associate professor of science education

Cian L. Brown, Ph.D. and Kelly Feille, Ph.D., are the Center for Outdoor Therapy and Education’s co-founders and current directors. For more information about COTE, contact graduate assistant Reece McLain. 


COTE produces research and publications related to outdoor education, leadership, and adventure therapy in mental health settings, such as schools and community agencies. We provide workshops, training, and supervised experiences to promote adventure therapy and prepare mental health professionals to work with at-risk populations at various developmental levels. 


COTE supports the vision and goals of the clinical professional counseling program, the department of Educational Psychology, the College of Education and the University of Oklahoma by promoting research in a unique and growing field as well as attracting students from around the state, nation, and globe eager to be trained in outdoor education and adventure therapy. 

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