A Summary

A semester full of creativity and learning. Looking back on what I accomplished, where I learned, and where I can improve. To start I want to highlight my favorite project of the semester the 3d can design. This was a really fun migration of Illustrator and 3d designing something that isn’t taught much at all… Continue reading A Summary

Brainstorming Activation

How do you come up with an idea that will show off a recent tv show in person? That was the question we needed to ask ourselves this week as I looked to create an activation event for the HBO hit Succession. The first step in any process is brainstorming any and all ideas. There… Continue reading Brainstorming Activation

Modernizing Hideaway

The new and emerging trend of recent times has been the increase in delivery apps like door dash and uber eats. They bring a huge amount of revenue streams to restaurants yet they take a fee for doing so. How do you get around that with making your own app to order on and see… Continue reading Modernizing Hideaway

Donuts and Energy Drinks?

Yes, that’s as crazy as it sounds but nonetheless it’s part of two new flavors I created for this design mockup. Now Cream donut energy drink to me sounds absolutely horrendous and a stomach ache waiting to happen, but at least the can looks good, right? Speaking of the looks what was the motivation behind… Continue reading Donuts and Energy Drinks?

Clothing and Design

How do you create not only a brochure but a brand from a set of basic and simple stock photos? The first thing I set about doing was figuring out a voice for the whole company. I personally believed a modern almost minimalistic vibe was the right way to take this because it really matched… Continue reading Clothing and Design