The Aesthetics of TGG

The image I choose to unpack is a meme alluding to the idea that since we are in the 20s again, even in if its 100 years later, we should bring back the aesthetics shown in The Great Gatsby. One of the biggest takeaways most people have from the novel/film is the elaborate decorations, the elegant and unique outfits, and massive houses. The roaring 20s just seems like it would be an insane time to be alive, and it’s hard to believe it actually was a real time in our history. A big reason this time period is so well known is because people are obsessed with the idea of it, hence all the events that are “The Great Gatsby themed.” In the meme I choose, it quotes one of Jays Gatsby’s most famous line; “Can’t repeat the past? Why of course you can!” In this scene Gatsby is talking about repeating the past with his ex lover Daisy; But here it’s describing bringing the roaring 20s back, in 2020. A question I asked myself when I saw this meme is “Why do people love this time period so much?” I came to a few conclusions. Women (or maybe just me) love the idea of being able to dress in elaborate and elegant clothing, while getting treated like royalty. Men maybe love the idea of having so much power, in a good way of course. I bet many men and just everyone in general looks at Gatsby life and envys it. How can someone be so powerful and rich? While I think it’s impossible to collectively decide to bring a certain time period in the past back in action, I do believe the Aesthetics from TTG and the roaring 20s will live on forever.

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