Gossip Culture

People feed off of gossip and drama. I always associated drama with more modern times just because of how judgmental the society has become, but then I realized how prevalent, if not more, gossip and drama was in The Great Gatsby, and how is basically is the entertainment for parties. The drama and rumors that revolve around who Jay Gatsby is basically fill his huge mansion of house during his parties. In a way, this is how parties still are to this day. People need some kind “accident” or just someone to talk about in big group settings. Gossip culture is so toxic, yet it seems like the only thing to do sometimes. I wonder how fun Jay Gatsby parties would be if everyone had known him since he was little, they knew his life story, and he just walked around and chatted with his guest. In my mind that sounds like a much more casual or chill version of his parties, simply because there’s no drama or mystery for his guest to accumulatively converse about. Why is it as humans we are so curious about what’s going on in other peoples lives? This curiosity seems to always cause some kind of drama, and most the time we learn things we don’t want to know. Just like at Gatsby’s parties one guest went up to another and says that he heard Gatsby killed a man. This leaves the other stunned and boom and conversation between two strangers about another strangers life has emerged. Honestly I don’t think his guest would anything to talk about if they strayed away from gossip. This culture is still so common today. People talk behind others back constantly just because there is nothing else to do or talk about.

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