Love is Blind

We all know the common saying “love makes you blind”, but how accurate really is this statement? Well, in The Great Gatsby is proves to be very true. In the novel, the love triangle between Tom Buchanan, Daisy Buchanan, and Jay Gatsby shows to be very complicated, and it causes much chaos. All love triangles are destined to create some kind of drama within the three people, but in Jay Gatsby’s cause, it defiantly caused the most drama and pain for him. I think the main reason for this is because he was the one who was actually truly in love. Daisy says she loved Gatsby, but I think its very clear that wasn’t true love. Tom Buchanan says he loves his wife Daisy, but his affair with Myrtle makes me think he doesn’t really mean that. Jay Gatsby is the only one who was, and had been for many years prior, completely in love with Daisy. I think it was also very clear that his love for Daisy did make him oblivious and blind to reality. He couldn’t see that Daisy was a fake and selfish person because he was so in love and wanted her to love him so badly. In chapter 7, Jay Gatsby forces Daisy to say that she never loved her husband Tom, but if she actually loved Gatsby and didn’t love Tom, this could have been achieved without the forcefulness of Gatsby. Honestly everything could have been easier if Daisy actually wanted to be Gatsby, but he couldn’t see that because she had him utterly mesmerized. Daisy however did not have a fogged brain at all. The second things started going downhill she immediately took the easy way out and did what was best for her. Thats what really shows who was in love in the relationship. Jay Gatsby what do anything for Daisy, he basically died for her because he cared more about her than himself. Daisy cared far more about herself than Gatsby, if she even cared for Gatsby at all.

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