1920s-Materialistic era.

The 1920s era is popularly known for the extravagant fashion, cars, and sudden boost in consumerism. In a excerpt from David Ruths book “Dressed to Kill”, he sheds light on what really changed in the economy during the 1920s. Ruth says “Even as Americans Scrambled to live on smaller, less reliable incomes, many of them continued to regard necessities goods and services that ten or twenty years earlier had been luxuries.” Relating this to The Great Gatsby, for Jay Gatsby this was a perfect time for him to get to exploit his wealth and show off at the things he’s fortunate enough to by during his parties, and for others they got to wear their expensive clothes and jewelry. Not to bash on those who could afford these materials, but for the people who had a smaller incomes, this was likely a very stressful time for them. Reputation in society mattered more than ever, people were judged strongly on their appearance. In TGG, Daisy was seen as very selfish and materialistic person, and I think understanding how the era the were in explains a lot of why she thought the way she did. Even if she cared about her appearance before the 1920s, it would matter more than ever than before.

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