Fashions Affect in 1920s.

Gender roles prior to the 1920s were very black and white. Men were like this, and women were like that. There were very distinct roles and lifestyles that males and females followed; and they were far from is similar. Approaching the 1920s, something switched, and this gender divide became less prominent. Many things changed and attributed to this switch, but an important factor was the new fashion that occurred. Women began to dress more “riske, as well as adapted fashions styles that had only been seen on men. Women began participating in sports activities, and developed sports wear for this. Casual sports wear had not been acceptable for women to wear, so this addition contributed to blurring the harsh line between men and women fashion. Women’s wear became more simple. Through this, there was also this switch in the distinction of social classes. Department stores came to be, and carried styles that were considered fashionable for all people. This allowed women and men of lower income to be able to dress just as everyone else. The evolution of the fashion instruct that occurred during the roaring 20s was monumental for history as it blurred the harsh lines between men and women, as well as social classes.

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