Flappers to Bosses

For my final project, I sketched a photo of a flapper on one side, and the a business women on the other. The reason for this is because through researching my topic for my final paper, I learned that flappers were truly the kicking off point to female independence. Flappers were women in 1920s who smokes, drank, danced, wore riske clothes, and weren’t afraid to flirt with men. These women completely changed the way women were viewed. That’s why in my photo a showed a flapper, then said it transformed into a business women. Without flappers, who knows were women would stand today. Flappers created the idea that a women should be able to express themselves and be independent without a man. This was just the beginning for female empowerment, and now a women can do anything she wants, such a be a high status business women.

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