OU Economics & YOU: The Perfect Match!

I’m a Professor and Department Chair of Economics at the University of Oklahoma (Norman). I specialize in applied microeconometric analysis, focusing primarily on topics in urban, public, labor, education, and housing economics.

My dissertation considered the various causes and consequences of development impact fee programs as they relate to housing affordability and the supply of new housing. I’ve stayed interested in topics related to infrastructure and local public finance and explored other topics as well. My papers have been published in Journal of Urban Economics, Journal of Labor Economics, Journal of Regional Science, Journal of the American Planning Association, Regional Science and Urban Economics, Real Estate Economics, National Tax Journal, and many others.

After earning my Ph.D. from Florida State University, I’ve been blessed to serve at OU for the last 17 years, beginning service as Department Chair in early 2021. I’ve taught large lecture (500+ student) introductory Principles classes all the way up to Doctoral seminars, and essentially every level in between. I am (nearly) as passionate about my career as I am about my family, my faith, having fun with my friends, and my sports card collection. My wife Stephanie is an Associate Professor in the OU Sociology Department, and our son Sam is a 5th grader who enjoys school, sports, video games, and his friends.

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