Selected Research Papers


Housing Wealth Papers

My 2017 publication in the Journal of Labor Economics exploring how older workers responded to housing wealth shocks during the recent boom/bust cycle.

The 2021 JREFE follow up that focused on retirement and unretirement trends and who housing wealth shocks affected those outcomes.

Development Impact Fee Papers:

My 2006 Journal of Urban Economics paper exploring Single Family Homes and the way Impact Fee programs affect local development.

My 2013 study in the Journal of the American Planning Association that looked at connections between impact fee programs and levels of urban sprawl/density.

My 2006 Journal of Regional Science Paper exploring Multifamily Housing and the way Impact Fee programs influence their prevalence.

My 2009 article in RSUE that investigated connections to local employment levels.

My 2007 study that investigates the causes and consequences of proportionate-share impact fees in communities.

My 2014 paper in RSUE that looked into capitalization effects and the importance of zoning designations for impact fee effects on undeveloped land values.

Local Option Sales Tax Papers

My 2011 study in RSUE that estimated the revenue elasticities with respect to variation in LOST rates, with a focus on fiscal interdependence.

My 2012 publication in the National Tax Journal that explored the determinants of Local Option Sales Tax (LOST) Adoptions.

My 2016 Journal of Regional Science paper that explored Leader-Follower dynamics among local jurisdictions in LOST rate setting decisions.

Other Miscellaneous Topics (more Impact Fee papers, Education, Discrimination, FDI patterns in China, and Federal Housing Policy

My 2011 paper in Real Estate Economics that investigated the benefits of the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit to Renters and Developers.

My 2017 publication in Social Science Quarterly that explored racial discrimination and statistical discrimination in MLB rookie card values.

My 2020 publication in the Social Science Journal that investigated the effects of School Facilities on student achievement.

My 2018 Publication in Public Finance Review that explored the nature of local government competition for FDI in China.