Current Research Interests

The group has current active projects int he following general areas:

  1. Design and formulation of surface-active compounds. This line of inquiry is relevant for designing cosmetics, consumer products, as well as products for agriculture and energy applications. The project is in collaboration with leading industrial partners.
  2. Control of gas hydrates. In collaboration with world-leading academical and industrial researchers, we are interested in understanding the mechanisms by which hydrates form, aggregate, and grow. The applications range from water desalination, to the transport of CO2 for eventual sequestration, to the safety of industrial operations.
  3. Assembly of particles. In collaboration with large-scale world-leading companies, we are discovering the physical mechanisms by which particles assemble and grow. The applications are in advanced manufacturing, as well as in the energy sector, for example for sequestering CO2.
  4. Fluid transport in pore networks. Much of the energy used by our society is consumed by industrial processes related to gas and liquid separations. In collaboration with experimental experts in the synthesis and characterization of membranes, we are deploying our expertise in fluid transport in geological formations to design new efficient and selective membranes.
  5. Sustainable development. We are developing approaches to quantify the environmental impact of several technologies and products, for example geothermal energy, towards providing uantifiable measures to enable decision making in sustainable development.
  6. Diversity and inclusion. A sustainable future is only possible when people from all paths of life are able to contribute effectively to identifying new solutions for existing grand challenges. We maintain an open dialogue and we seek to identify those best practices that can help organisations, small and large, to achieve equality, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility.

Both Ph.D. and post-doctoral positions are available. We are also open to host under-graduate researchers in our laboratories. Please contact Prof. Striolo if you are interested in joining the group.