The Moses Lab is affiliated with the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at the University of Oklahoma

The group’s goal is to carry out cutting-edge research in:

  • insulation condition monitoring and diagnostics for electrical apparatus operating in distorted electrical systems
  • detection, classification and fault mitigation of power system disturbances considering volatile inverter-based sustainable energy technologies
  • enhancing resiliency analytical frameworks for better characterization of high impact grid disruptions
  • untangling nonlinear, dynamical and chaotic electromagnetic transient phenomena interacting with electric machinery and switched-mode devices
  • understanding the complex interactions and physics in low-inertia energy grids including nano-micro-grids in terrestrial networks and marine vessels

The research applications target solutions across many industries such as the utility networks business, naval and marine shipbuilding communities, and other sectors. This group’s achievements have contributed to predictive modeling and system protection considering nonlinear dynamics and chaos in electrical networks, next generation naval shipboard power systems and new network resiliency quantification approaches.

This group has developed a suite of tools enabling novel experimental and theoretical studies with close collaboration with industries nationwide.  The lab serves as a training ground for equipping undergraduate and graduate students with specialist knowledge in complex electromagnetic disturbance phenomena and dynamical behavior relevant to 21st century power systems. Our vision is to impart unique skills, uncover new understandings and fill knowledge gaps while supporting a much needed sustainable workforce in power engineering industries within the State of Oklahoma and worldwide.