Innovation Pathway, for the OUHSC campus, had its first group session beginning in January 2022 and concluding in April 2022. This was an incredible group, led by an incredible facilitator. Let me tell you about that journey.

My, what a “Path” they/we took. These amazing 6 individuals dedicated time to go on this journey. They poured their heart and soul along with the time they spent creating their innovation into an unheard-of program, by someone new to the campus, to get their innovation to the market. They started out as strangers at an incredibly large university and ended as colleagues and friends.

This journey was not a cut and paste journey, it was often redirected due to COVID restrictions being placed upon the university but with every redirection this cohort remained dedicated to finishing this program. Which in turn will benefit each of them in the future.

The facilitator showed honest yet compassionate guidance, which in turn brought out these same characteristics in the participants with each other. It was an honor to witness their growth when they began to guide each other by offering a different point of view as they discussed as a group each other’s innovation. They encouraged each other to be successful.

So we all like a little gossip….. Here is some gossip. I think at some point each of these individual participants wanted to throw in the hat, cry, scream and maybe even cuss. But what was amazing, each one fought thru and persevered. They persevered! It was so Impressive!

We just started our second iPath session this week. It was evident with the Kickoff Zoom that there is reserve. But, just wait. In September we will be celebrating this amazing group and their incredible accomplishments.

If you get an opportunity to visit with anyone that has participated in the OICP iPath Program, I encourage you to take the time! You will not be disappointed.