Why do we love being sad?

Why are people so obsessed with tragedy? When you take a step back and think about it, it’s strange that we as humans consume so much media that’s revolves around the emotion of sadness.  We purposely watch movies, listen to songs, and read books that make us feel sad. There are lots of theories surrounding this, but the one that makes the most sense to me is that consuming such media actually makes us happy. For some reason when people finish consuming sad media their mood improves and their endorphins increase. I also think people like tragedies because it makes us feel human. People enjoy empathizing with others and enjoy relating to them as well. If there is one emotion that everyone has experienced in this world, it’s sadness. Therefore, when someone watches a sad movie they can relate to the character because as a viewer they understand what it’s like to be sad.


One of my favorite aspects of The Great Gatsby is how it explores the concept of the duality of man. Many of the characters are foils of each other, while at first this can be viewed as a literary device, I believe that it is more a tool for social commentary. I believe that Fitzgerald is trying to explain that people aren’t too different from each other, and no one is exactly as they seem. The best example of this is Gatsby and Tom. Tom is portrayed as this bad and evil man while Gatsby is portrayed as this hero. These two characters are supposed to be opposites, but as the story progresses we learn that these characters are more similar than one would believe. Both are involved in an affair, both don’t care that the lady they are pursuing is in a relationship, and both care about what they want most of all. Tom is a lot more open about this, but Gatsby is also very selfish but covers this up by acting like he’s doing what’s best for Daisy. If he really wanted what was best for Daisy he would have done things very differently.

Love is dead

            One of my favorite aspects of The Great Gatsby is its commentary on romanticism. I love books that diss romanticism, such as Huckleberry Finn. The first romance that is introduced in the book is Tom and Daisy’s marriage, we learn quickly after that he is in an affair. The book goes on to portray how bad of a situation Daisy is in by showing how bad a person Tom is. Then we are introduced to the great Mr. Gatsby. We learn that he and Daisy were in love in the past and its Gatsby’s goal to win Daisy over again. Gatsby is set up as this prince charming and Daisy quickly falls in love with Gatsby. At this point of the story it seems like a happy ending is achievable, and the evil Tom will lose. But then Daisy tells Gatsby that she still loves Tom and Gatsby gets framed for a murder that she commits. Soon after Gatsby is killed and dies all alone and Daisy stays with Tom. I just love stories that just say love is dead. So much media focuses on romanticism so that’s a big reason I love stories are anti romanticism.

Is Euphoria the New Great Gatsby?

Euphoria is a hit show that everyone is talking about right now. I see memes about the show on all forms of social media and hear my friends talk about the show all the time. The show while popular isn’t liked by everyone for its extreme sexual content, glorification of substance abuse, and physical abuse. There are people who describe the show as an amazing commentary on modern day society and others write it off as the new popular drama. Watching the show and then re-reading The Great Gatsby (TGG) I couldn’t help but find them similar. When discussing TGG one of the most talked aspects is how dislikable the cast of characters, the same thing is true of Euphoria. Watching Euphoria, it’s seems like it glorifies a lot of negative things (because it does) but it is actually making commentary about society in a similar way that TGG does; by making the characters who are doing said immoral things unlikable. Sure, one of the characters in Euphoria beats his girlfriend, but everyone who watches the show hates him, he is basically the Tom Buchanan of Euphoria. I could go into depth about I think Euphoria is heavily inspired by TGG but the point of this post is just to bring up the fact that Euphoria is inspired TGG. If you enjoyed TGG then I recommend that you give Euphoria a chance and vis versa. Watching Euphoria while keeping TGG in mind has made the show a lot more interesting for me and also helped me appreciate TGG more.