About Us

US-Japan Partnership in Excitonic Soft Materials for Clean Energy

A ten-week research and learning adventure at Osaka University and Yamagata University , the birthplace of  the organic white light emitting diode (WOLED), located in Yonezawa, the hometown of the famous Teijin Ltd Company, world leader in polymer materials production and innovation.  Join a large group of University of Vermont & University of Oklahoma faculty, graduate students and fellow science and engineering members. Learn about soft quantum materials for flexible electronics applications

Prior knowledge of Japanese language and culture is not required.

Project Highlights:

Learn key experimental skills tailored for the specific needs of organic electronics.

Research projects that bridge physical chemistry, chemical & electrical engineering, and condensed matter physics.

Two-week intensive language training with Asian Languages faculty at UVM, prior to departure.

Language and cultural immersion activities with students at Yamagata & Osaka University.

Rigorous assessment of all activities conducted by SUNY Albany School of Education

Sponsored by the National Science Foundation through Award no. OISE # 2230706