“My Girl”

Women of the 20s, both 1920 and 2020 have many similarities. The feminist movement has remained strong throughout the times, and while there were some times which had stronger subjects, such as the Great Depression and WWII, women have always been ready to protest and fight for their rights. Jordan Baker is a wonderful example of a strong feminist of the 1920s, ready to stand up for her rights. While there was less active protests seen in The Great Gatsby itself, the time period of the book, and the time period Fitzgerald was living in, had many open protests.

The 1920s had protests focusing on the suffragette movement, and while women have the right to vote now, there’s still plenty of women’s rights protests that happen. A strong movement today is the pro-choice movement, focusing on allowing women the right to make their own choice regarding abortion. While only tangentially related, one women’s rights protest I was personally able to see was the Women Against Trump march which took place in my hometown, Austin. Many people were able to come together to a rally downtown in order to protest the president’s actions, and the same happened back in the 1920s in order for Women to gain the right to vote. Women marched in front of the capital most days of the year to openly demand the rights they deserved, and Jordan Baker is one such woman. The feminism of the past has not died out, remaining strong over one hundred years after The Great Gatsby.