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Congratulations to Vinushika Panchalogaranjan and Srijana Shrestha for their recent journal publications tackling grid resiliency:

  • V. Panchalogaranjan, P. S. Moses and N. Shumaker, “Case Study of a Severe Ice Storm Impacting Distribution Networks in Oklahoma,” IEEE Transactions on Reliability (Accepted for Publication), 2023.
  • S. Shrestha, V. Panchalogaranjan and P. S. Moses, “The February 2021 U.S. Southwest power crisis,” Elsevier – Electric Power Systems Research, vol. 217, p. 109124, Apr. 2023.

Jonathan and Marounfa’s PhD Defences

Jonathan Devadason and Marounfa Djibo successfully defended their dissertations recently.

Jonathan’s thesis was titled “Stability Domains and Bifurcations in Series Compensated Power Systems with Weak Interconnections”

Marounfa’s thesis was titled “Protection and Disturbance Mitigation of Next Generation Shipboard Power Systems”

Spiers New Technology donates a battery energy storage system

Spiers New Technology, an Oklahoma based company specializing in energy storage systems for electric vehicles and grid support, is contributing to a Department of Energy research project at the University of Oklahoma with the donation of a WattTower battery energy storage system. Each WattTower is rated at 56 kWh capacity, 400 Vdc and 57 kW peak power.

The company installed and commissioned two batteries that will be used as distributed energy resources for a unique testbed being built at OU.


PhD students Wanghao Fei and Jonathan Devadason have each received OU Gallogly College of Engineering Dissertation of Excellence Awards. The award recognizes PhD students who have achieved outstanding research results while encouraging them to complete their dissertations with excellence.

Wanghao’s dissertation is focused on new power system protection algorithms geared towards improved fault identification for distribution feeders with high penetration of volatile renewable energy sources. Wanghao also received the Farrar Endowment scholarship because of his outstanding research.

Jonathan’s dissertation is researching new wind farm stability disturbances and their mitigation in weak power grids. He also received the P.H. Robinson Fellowship and William H. Barkov Scholarship for his high quality research outcomes.

Congratulations to Daniel Glover and Wanghao Fei on successful internship performance

Congratulations to Daniel Glover who received an American Indian Science and Engineering Society, Intel Growing the Legacy Scholarship, for Graduate Students. Daniel received this award because of his exceptional performance during his past internship with Intel and high quality research he is currently carrying out for his Master’s degree at OU.

Congratulations to Wanghao Fei for completing his summer internship with Hitachi-ABB Power Grids. Based on his exemplary performance with Hitachi-ABB Power Grids, he has been offered an extension of his internship employment towards fall. Wanghao achieved the top evaluation scores out of all interns working in the team.

New Department of Energy Grant – Solar Technology

OU has been awarded a $4.5 Million grant plus $1.7 Million cost-share from industry partners to study solar photovoltaic system integration into distribution feeders. The work will focus on new power system protection techniques to contend with new transient disturbance features generated by faults propagating in grids with high penetration inverter-based energy resources. OU is leading a consortium to develop a world-class power system protection testbed to prototype new protective relaying and fault management scenarios.

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