Bridging the gap between what scientists know and what the public understands is one of our society’s grand challenges. Public opinion influences policy and policy drives change.

Science communication describes a variety of practices that transmit scientific ideas, methods, knowledge and research to non-expert audiences in an accessible, understandable or useful way. 

Newcastle University

Effective science communication can tackle misinformation, result in changed behaviors in the environment, and most importantly, drive fact-based policy. Developing my understanding of the natural world in an academic sense will allow me to communicate to diverse audiences to change hearts and minds about the way we interact with the environment we live in.

Science and Environmental Education Topics

I have educated the public on the following topics:

  • General Environmental Education
  • Citizen Science
  • Youth STEM Workshops and Education
  • Small Pond Management for Neighborhoods
  • Residential Water Conservation
  • Commercial Water Conservation
  • Irrigation System Auditing and Management
  • Oklahoma Native Plant Gardening
  • Collecting Rocks, Minerals and Fossils in Oklahoma (Field Trip)
  • Protecting Our Water Supply Through Backflow Prevention
  • Events in Geologic History

Public Outreach and Education

I have been involved public outreach and education throughout my career. Linked below are past examples: