I am passionate about educating others about the natural world and environmental stewardship. My mission is to empower others through mindful education.

Fall 2022 Office Hours:

Noon - 2:30 p.m.
Sarkeys 738

See you there! 

Classroom Teaching Strategies

I have taught all levels from early childhood education to adult and higher education. Through my years of educating others, I have found that everyone can view the world of science with wonder (as I do).

My goal is to facilitate understanding for every person who desires to learn a concept in my classroom. I use a variety of methods to reach various learning styles and am skilled in making tough concepts digestible for most audiences. I find joy in the art of engaging audiences and making even the driest of material somewhat entertaining. If a student leaves my classroom with no new knowledge, I see it as a failure on my part as an educator.

Educational equity and creating an inclusive classroom environment is my mission as an educator. I am a first generation college graduate and am the granddaughter of an immigrant. It is my responsibility as an educator to understand the difficulties encountered by historically underrepresented groups in the educational setting and help students navigate obstacles on their educational journey.

Teaching Assistantships

Linked below are the courses I currently am serving as a teaching assistant for:

  • ENST 1013 Consumption and The Environment
  • ENST 2813 Environmental Studies Cornerstone

Links to previous courses I have served as a teaching assistant for:

  • CEES 5020 Fundamentals of Hydrology
  • BIOL 1124 Introductory Biology: Molecules, Cells, and Physiology Lab
  • BIOL 1121 Authentic Research in Introductory Biology Lab