Therapy for Black Girls-Podcast

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The advocacy for mental health screams the notion that not one of us is an island. Everyone has an internal voice, and each one sounds different. Some may call it a conscience, while others believe it is God or intuition. This awareness is interpreted, used, and can occasionally produce mental health concerns. Additionally, mental health struggles can come from genetics and traumatic experiences. There are infinite efforts to express how people battle mental health. Often what’s not emphasized is the solution. My desire to better understand mental health started after hearing radio personality Charlemagne The God discuss his struggles with mental health. Therapy for Black Girls is a podcast by Licensed psychologist Joy Harden Bradford. One day while I was at the spa, my aesthetician recommended Therapy for Black Girls. It took me a very long time to finally listen to it. I’m glad I did. The podcast educates and sheds light on mental health difficulties while providing ways to combat mental health. One of the biggest things I learned from the podcast is that many of the things that I experience other people experience too. Therapy for Black Girls promotes wellness through community. Every show has a disclaimer that the podcast is not to be used as a replacement for actual therapy. While the podcast is not therapy it is definitely a good start toward a healthy life.

Artra Nelson

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