My name is Artra, I am the epitome of a person who can be more than one thing and a shining example of being able to defy the odds. Tulsa, Oklahoma, is my birthplace. The North side of town is where my heart feels most fulfilled. My most outstanding achievement is a beautiful nine-year-old son; however, many life experiences took place before and after becoming a mom, making me the woman I am today. In middle school, I began sweeping and washing hair in the barbershops where my mom worked. This opportunity birthed my work ethic. From there, I worked in restaurants and clothing stores until I graduated. As a survival mechanism, working has always accompanied my educational career. After high school, I enjoyed a beautiful Naval career. The Navy took me to Chicago, San Diego, Seattle, and Oklahoma City. Completing my naval career led me to Rose State, where I earned my associate’s degree in political science with a focus on paralegal studies. Currently, I am a student at the University of Oklahoma, majoring in Public Relations (PR). Initially, I wanted to major in Journalism, but the desire to serve something greater than myself and impact companies and communities led me to PR. Before completing my Bachelors, I will decide which area of PR I would like to specialize in, complete an internship, and find a company to call home upon completing my Bachelor’s.

Peace and Blessings,

Artra W.