How Flappers Changed Society.

Prior to the 1920s, the way women dressed was very elegant and not very promiscous, and the way women acted was strictly “classy” as well. However, the emergence of flappers changed this stigma. Flappers dressed in outfits with shorter hemlines to show off their legs, drank alcohol, and smoked cigarettes. They also acted very energetic and flirty with men, challenging the idea that women who acted in this way were immortal and reckless. The upbringing of flappers was also revolutionary as it allowed women of lower incomes to still be able to dress fashionably without having buy expensive designer items. Flappers clothing was so simple one could sew it in the comfort of their own home. Department stores also arouse during this era, making it easier for everyone be look “fashionable”, even if they didn’t have the money to purchase top notch, designer clothing. Flappers caused a relaxation in the stereotype that surrounded women. They showed that being fun, acting in way that was considered “unlady like”, and dressing in clothing that showed off their bodies was an acceptable way to be. Flapper were truly the first independent women, and caused a domino affect for all women after them.

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