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Distortion of Sound

  1. What were musicians most concerned about?

The musicians in the documentary were most concerned with the quality of music being diminished. They highlighted multiple times how before music began being converted to MP3 it was more enjoyable. The ignorance of consumers concerned the musicians as well.  Music consumers rarely notice the difference between older ways (i.e. records players) of listening to music and newer ways.  Musicians expressed the amount work put in to produce good music only for it to be loss in the compression of audio files.

  • How do you listen to your music? In what format and why?

Originally, I was obsessed with the top tier subscription to Tidal. I specifically chose Tidal because Jay-Z owned it. Later, I found out the premium subscription offers a better quality in music.  Currently, I’m obsessed with saving money, so I subscribed to Apple’s $4.99 student plan.

  • Have you experienced quality issues with listening to music? Explain the issues and what you do to deal with this.

Yes! The difference between Tidal’s Premium and Apples quality is huge. However, quality headphones aid in a better experience. 

Artra Nelson

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