Jeen-Yuhs (Kanye West) Episode One

Kanye West displays an unwavering sense of determination. The look in his eyes strategically shows humility and confidence. The first episode of his docu-series showcases the beginnings of his career and his relationship with his mother. The episode is narrated by his friend of 20 years, Coodie Simmons. One of the biggest misconceptions about Kanye West is his overt show of confidence. One of the most beautiful things I implement in my daily life is paying little attention to words. Intelligent people observe actions; fools believe words. Kanye’s actions show how hard he worked to become the man he is today. He took friends with him throughout his journey while simultaneously standing in the face of no after no. See, initially, the executives of record labels didn’t believe in Kanye’s ability to be a rapper. Despite this, he continued to pursue his rap career. Before becoming a rapper, he was a music producer, and executives wanted to stagnate him in this capacity. The record labels failed to do so. Kanye’s talent is God-given and fostered by the love he received from his mother. When Kanye’s mom died, the world perceived his behavior as mentally unstable. The first episode of the docuseries shows the depth of the mother and son relationship, allowing insight into one of his greatest joys, his mom. My earnest desire is for compassion, understanding, and empathy to be granted through the behind-the-scenes view of Kanye West. There’s so much rhetoric surrounding the Kanye West brand that very little of it is rooted in truth. This docuseries offers the opportunity to reveal reality.

Artra Nelson

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