Heaux Tales-Grammy Night

On Sunday, R&B singer Jazmine Sullivan won a Grammy for best R&B album on her EP Heaux Tales. It is no surprise that every guest had on their “Sunday’s Best.” Many wore gowns and suits. Sullivan was no exception; she wore an all-black suit with white abstract shapes and lines on it. Gold open-toe pumps barely showed beneath her bellbottom slacks. She wore minimal elegant jewelry to subtlety accompany the suit. Her hair was in a half up, half down style, and she wore black sunglasses. Heaux Tales consists of 14 tracks and has a brief narration between a few songs. It was released in January 2021. Heaux Tales serves every woman that has ever loved and experienced hardship in romantic relationships. In her Grammy acceptance speech, she says the album was based on experiences in her twenties that she wasn’t necessarily proud of. Sullivan’s soul-filled voice fills every missing piece advocating for women to have personal agency. Every track introduces a different perspective of what it means to be a woman in a relationship. This album is significant because it’s women controlling the narrative. Frequently, in music, men describe what a woman is or is not. Heaux Tales expresses multiple aspects of how women view relationships. One of the most popular songs on the album is Girl Like Me. In the song, Sullivan compares and contrasts the disparities between faithful and unfaithful women, highlighting that the latter is more valuable in today’s society. Featured on this song is a fellow grammy award winner and R&B singer H.E.R. During Sullivan’s acceptance speech, H.E.R is seen standing and cheering her on. The support and pride H.E.R demonstrates directly reflect the energy felt on Heaux Tales.

Artra Nelson

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  1. How did Jazmine Sullivan choose to present herself at the Grammy Awards ceremony, particularly in terms of her attire, accessories, and hairstyle, and what significance might be attached to her fashion choices for this particular occasion? Regards Telkom University

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