If TGG was turned into a High school movie.

High school is really just 4 years of teens growing up together, constantly struggling/trying to fit in. Especially in private school, a lot of someones popularity came from how much money they had, and if they used their privilege to throw parties they had an even better chance being at the top of the social pyramid. I feel like if The Great Gatsby was set in a high school setting, Jay Gatsby would be the popular, football captain, crazy rich kid. He would throw all the parties after the football games. Similar to the cliche in all these types of movies, Gatsby would not have very many true friends. Everyone would attend his parties, but outside of this he wouldn’t really have anyone who truly cared about him. Daisy would be the head cheerleader who is mean to basically every girl at the school and only cares about herself and her appearance. Tom Buchanan could also be seen as the other popular boy who’s dating Daisy, and therefore Jay Gatsby’s enemy. A lot of times this “popular football captain” character has anger issues and doesn’t have good social skills. Jay Gatsby exhibits these signs as well, such as when Daisy confesses that she does in fact love her husband Tom Buchanan, and Gatsby escalates into an intense fit of rage, because he really doesn’t know how to control his emotions. More than just controlling his emotions, he doesn’t know how to accept that he may not be able to get what he wants. Through this comparison I saw a parallel between people who are extremely privileged and this causing poor social skills and immature behavior.

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