Jeen-Yuhs (Kanye West) Episode One

Kanye West displays an unwavering sense of determination. The look in his eyes strategically shows humility and confidence. The first episode of his docu-series showcases the beginnings of his career and his relationship with his mother. The episode is narrated by his friend of 20 years, Coodie Simmons. One of the biggest misconceptions about Kanye West is his overt show of confidence. One of the most beautiful things I implement in my daily life is paying little attention to words. Intelligent people observe actions; fools believe words. Kanye’s actions show how hard he worked to become the man he is today. He took friends with him throughout his journey while simultaneously standing in the face of no after no. See, initially, the executives of record labels didn’t believe in Kanye’s ability to be a rapper. Despite this, he continued to pursue his rap career. Before becoming a rapper, he was a music producer, and executives wanted to stagnate him in this capacity. The record labels failed to do so. Kanye’s talent is God-given and fostered by the love he received from his mother. When Kanye’s mom died, the world perceived his behavior as mentally unstable. The first episode of the docuseries shows the depth of the mother and son relationship, allowing insight into one of his greatest joys, his mom. My earnest desire is for compassion, understanding, and empathy to be granted through the behind-the-scenes view of Kanye West. There’s so much rhetoric surrounding the Kanye West brand that very little of it is rooted in truth. This docuseries offers the opportunity to reveal reality.

Tatyana Fazlalizadeh

 Self-exploration often mandates transparency. Tatyana Fazlalizadeh is an artist from Oklahoma City who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Fazlalizadeh began campaigning her body of work titled “Stop Telling Women to Smile(STWTS)” in 2017.  

The first sketch is a self-portrait of Fazlalizadeh. It shows her with somewhat of a bun atop her head with her head slightly turned to the side, magnifying her jaw accompanied by her captivating eyes. The portrait resignates with women across the country. When Tatyana started the campaign, she did not think it would garner its support. Her platform displays and supports social issues. Each portrait illustrates an alluring woman without a smile. Beneath each one reads a statement attesting to street harassment that each woman has experienced. Each and every portrait has a white background. They look as though they were drawn with a pencil. The images can be found around the world. 

Photo from Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center

Fazlalizadeh’s work grants women the permission to not have to constantly smile. It gives way to the idea of complete personal agency, breaking the necessity to appeal to outside people. Wheat pasting is a gel-like substance made with wheat flour and water. Wheat pasting is generally used as an adhesive for street artwork. Fazlalizadeh pastes her work with wheat paste in areas where street harassment is prominent. She sometimes posts her work in areas where the women live who are featured in her collection.  

Fazlalizadeh’s STWTS collection aims to bring awareness to street harassment and, more importantly, empower women. Initially, Fazlalizadeh engaged with herself in her work, then she invited other women to be a part of her initiative. With 64,000 followers, Fazlalizadeh garners plenty of likes, primarily women. She attracts this type of support because she gives voice to many women’s issues every day. 

YouTube Video Review

Distortion of Sound

  1. What were musicians most concerned about?

The musicians in the documentary were most concerned with the quality of music being diminished. They highlighted multiple times how before music began being converted to MP3 it was more enjoyable. The ignorance of consumers concerned the musicians as well.  Music consumers rarely notice the difference between older ways (i.e. records players) of listening to music and newer ways.  Musicians expressed the amount work put in to produce good music only for it to be loss in the compression of audio files.

  • How do you listen to your music? In what format and why?

Originally, I was obsessed with the top tier subscription to Tidal. I specifically chose Tidal because Jay-Z owned it. Later, I found out the premium subscription offers a better quality in music.  Currently, I’m obsessed with saving money, so I subscribed to Apple’s $4.99 student plan.

  • Have you experienced quality issues with listening to music? Explain the issues and what you do to deal with this.

Yes! The difference between Tidal’s Premium and Apples quality is huge. However, quality headphones aid in a better experience. 

Erykah Badu & Wooden Floors

New Orleans is well known for colorful shotgun homes, but I don’t think I was in a shotgun house the first time Erykah Badu’s voice hit my ears. The house had to be a townhome of sorts. I lived in New Orleans, Louisiana, from about 1999 to 2001. The culture there is so captivating it still lingers in my mind ‘to this day. One of my most paramount memories is when I fell in love with Erykah Badu and the wooden floors. The wooden floor fascination may seem trivial but take a walk with me. Oklahoma has got to be one of the most affordable places in the United States to live but not for me! Give me my expensive rent and my wooden floors. My family and friends jokingly call me bourgeois. I assure you I am not. Let’s dig a little deeper. Imagine being five or six years old in a foreign place with no other children to play with. There’s no furniture in the house. It’s just you, a boombox playing Erykah Badu, and wooden floors. You would fall in love too if that was all you had. My initial attraction to Erykah Badu’s music started with her instrumentals. The beats moved me in a way I had never experienced. Her image yelled originality. I could relate to how she embraced our culture, from her clothes to her hair and the hints of jazz in her music. She made it okay to be different. I can vividly remember lying on the wooden floor staring at the boombox. The room was dark. The only light was the bathroom light on my left. I had no clue this experience would catalyst my love story with R&B, Neo Soul, Indie Soul, and expensive living spaces.

Golden Goddess Getaways

Costa Rica

Golden Goddess Getaways are the reset every woman craves. Created by expert travelers Shonna & Milan there is no detail left unattended. The getaway combines healing, yoga, dance, and meditation perfectly. To hear the two owners discuss how they worked together to create the GGG experience invokes inspiration for those around them to harvest the same inner magic ✨. The excursion begins with trips to local farmers’ markets and beaches. Those trips are often spontaneously accompanied by scenic walks around the nearest neighborhood. Moments spent at the resort are where real enjoyment takes place. With beautiful wooden bamboo floors to hold the heels adorned, sensual dancing takes place. The same floor serves as a meeting place for profound stretching to release & restore portions of the body & soul that were in great need. On the last night of the getaway, Shonna & Milan has everyone meet at a campfire to release anything into the fire that no longer serves them through their journey. The two powerhouse travelers have mentioned that they may be dropping new dates soon for the next Golden Goddess Getaway. Golden Goddess Getaways provide the tranquility your soul longs for.

Brief History of The Emergence of Media

Specifically, the internet emerged in the 1960s out of necessity for discrete military communications. After it’s invention for that purpose the use of the internet took on a snowball effect. Eleven years later emailing was born. Shortly after microprocessors bore smaller in home computers. This allowed the entrepreneurial stage to begin. When the Soviet Union was dismantled the primary reason for the invention of the internet was ending.  A large amount of people had already began to implement the internet into every day life. As the 2000s arrived the internet could be used to access news, social media, music and a plethora of other media. 

The Questions That Drive My Interest in Media

Primarily, the most intriguing question in media is how and why it dominates the narrative of many countries and the world.   Outside of an educational setting or scholarly conversation it seems taboo to acknowledge the hold that the media has on most people. From cable television, Instagram to radio there is a constant output contributing to the way society thinks. Secondly, where do I fit in this broad 🌎  of media and how would I like show up? It’s common for people to seek refuge behind a screen. Many use Facebook as therapy, a way to express themselves but what about creating change through social media? The students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas Highschool answered this question after their school fell victim to a mass shooting. They organized and admittedly advocated for stricter gun control laws, but where does conscious social media interaction start in every day life; without tragedy? Lastly, when doing absolutely anything we may as well be outstanding at it! What are the tools needed to excel in media? How is high engagement garnered while keeping high moral?